Wireless Alarms Review

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My name is Neill MacKenzie and it is my aim is to cut through the confusion that can exist about wireless burglar alarms and to answer the questions being asked before purchase and installation of an alarm system i.e.  do I opt for a DIY wireless alarm or do I have a wired alarm installed?  Are wireless alarms effective?  How much does it all cost?  Is it worth while fitting an alarm?  Which wireless alarm is the best?  Do the police recommend wireless alarms?

To answer these questions – and a lot more besides – I will use my 18 years experience as a ‘street’ police officer and Home Office trained Crime Prevention Advisor (CPA).  Having seen the effects of countless domestic and commercial burglaries in both urban and rural areas I am now in a position to use that expertise and personal experience to benefit you when choosing an alarm and to recommend what constitutes not just good home security, but great home security.

Taking responsibility for the security of our home is one of the most primeval instincts we posses.  Their is no difference between Neanderthal man protecting his cave; the knights of old couped up in their castles and modern man with his feet up in his three bed-roomed semi.  Their is still danger lurking outside – usually in the form of burglars and thieves – and we have to protect ourselves against them.  Nowadays getting our defence wrong won’t necessarily result in death or destruction as it did in days of old, but the results can still be very distressing and expensive.

Choosing and fitting a wireless alarm is but one factor to consider when keeping your family and possessions secure.  Getting it right first time is important and Wireless Alarms Review is here to assist.


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