How to Stay Happy?

Happiness is something that we all want. As a woman, we multi-task and go through ups and downs. We have to take care of ourselves. So, we should know how to keep ourselves happy and going. Learn how: 1. Do not think too much. Though it’s good to think but thinking all the time will only give you fears and anxiety. You will be lost and sad all the time. So, sometimes we have to let it go and think about happy times. Tell yourself that you are happy and content. 2. Do not stay in your own shell. Be aware of what is happening around you. Be updated, watch news, read newspapers and magazines and keep yourself confident. You can only be confident when you are confident of speaking to people about any topic. So, do not be afraid and go ahead, talk to people. Fear none. For sure that will make you happy, and proud too! 3. Once you decide upon something stick to it and stop worrying about it. Give yourself time to come up with a decision but once you take it then be firm about it. 4. Think for yourself also. Do not always keep worrying whether your husband has had lunch at office or not, whether kids are studying or not. Think if you are hungry or want to go out. Simple yet straightforward, think for yourself! 5. A proper diet and sleep will keep you healthy and happy so take care of both. 6. Experience happiness in everything around you and in being with your partner, family, friends.

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