Women And Compromises

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I hate girls. I hate women. This is not my inner voice that makes me scream this phrase but  society’s attitude toward women. I would never want to have girls as babies not because I think that a son would carry on the tradition of my family but because I do not want any body to be born as a girl and carry the burden of being a girl throughout her life. Everytime she will have to compromise and leave out her happiness . You lose your freedom, your ambitions, your choice. The only thing that you have to pay attention to, is the word – COMPROMISE. Women and compromise should be synonyms. If you compromise, you are a nice woman who cares for all but if you stand for your point then you are termed as somebody who is selfish, immature and not adjustable. So, the omly choice left is not to think about yourself or your partner but about everyone else that you are attached with. A woman is a super human being – I realised that very late. She is indeed god’s reflection who has to manage everything. But why do we all have to sacrifice everytime? And why are we blamed for all the mishappenings and tensions? We give our best everytime and expect a bit for our ourselves. But that bit (if expected) makes us immature and uncomromising? Why?

I guess I am too young to understand all this. I have loads of questions in my mind but the answers will come as I progress through the life cycle, I guess!


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