Male Skin Care

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Male skin care, is not traditionally a hot topic among men, But more and more men understand the importance of good skin care. This is evidenced by the growing number of male skin care products on the market. Even though male skin is very different from female skin the processes for male and female skin care are very similar. Male skin care just like female skin care begins with cleansing. Cleansing helps remove dirt, grease and pollutants from the skin and helps to prevent the pores from clogging. Because male skin is so oily the cleansing process is essential to male skin care. Ideally cleansing should be done twice per day but soap products should be avoided, other water soluble cleansers are better.

Male skin care involves shaving. Shavings cream and after shave lotions are some of the most important male skin care products. Good male skin care calls for a proper choice of shaving equipment and products. Among the primary considerations in picking out shaving products should be the skin type (because the level of oiliness differs from person to person). Alcohol-based aftershaves should not be used. Proper male skin care also requires the use of high quality razors. Swivel-head razors are the best since they are known to reduce cuts. In addition to these products and equipment, it is also essential that you use them correctly. Be gentle as you use your razor. Don’t scratch it against your skin; apply a soft and flowing action, this way you will be removing hair, and not the skin itself.

Male skin is usually thicker and oilier, because of bigger pores and more active sebaceous glands. However, because of regular shaving, the skin can become dried out very easily. Therefore moisturizers also form an important component of male skin care. Moisturizing gel or cream ought to be used after shaving. In fact, some shaving foams and gels have a built in moisturizing effect. Moisturizers should be dabbed lightly all over the face and massaged softly using upward strokes.

Although male skin is less prone to skin cancer, the use of sunscreen is also an important male skin care measure. There are moisturizers that combine sunscreen with the moisturizing effect.

Another beneficial alternative for male skin care is to use male skin care products which have natural ingredients like aloe Vera, sea salt and coconut etc. Naturally antiseptic oils e.g. lavender, tea tree etc are also a good means for male skin care.

Male skin care isn’t hard, it just asks for a few minutes every day, but it will result in healthy skin now and in the future.


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