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The joy of meeting pays the pangs of absence; else who could bear it? ~Nicholas Rowe Are you one of the many who miss the good old times spent with friends? Do you often come across thoughts of playing pranks with your friends, having fun with them?Thoughts like studying all night together in groups and having fun comes to your mind? You miss your friends? Welcome aboard! Friends are people who put colour in your life. Memorable moments, fights, happiness, joy — all are shared. And when you meet old friends, and see that they have changed so much in appearance, you feel excited and reminisce the old times in school or college. Such is life – you live the present, cherish the past and want the best in future. With time people get busy with their lives and it becomes difficult to spend too much time together with friends. But the magic is such that the distance or time period doesn’t matter. Whatever time it may be, however the situation may be, we love each other. We behave the same way. Talking about all this I am starting to miss my college days where we had a group of three – I, Diksha, Naveena. We did all nasty things in college and irriated our professors to the core and were usually thrown out of the class (LOL). Oh! What fun it was! But we were never dull students. However naughty we may be, we studied well and encouraged each other. In my case, Diksha always did… We all have memorable moments with friends and sometimes we dwell into the past and remember these small things which bring back a smile. Nobody can replace friends in your life so guys respect your friends.


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