How to Have a Happy Marriage?

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Today I am amazed at myself that I am writing this article. There was a time (not long back; just a year) when I used to laugh at words like marriage, understanding between couples, faith et al. But today I am not the same one. I understand how important these things are to make a successful relationship. It is not easy! Take it from me!

You have to work towards making a happy period together.  In the beginning, it’s all lovey-dovey. You feel that nothing can be better than being with my partner. The romantic phase makes you forget all the realities and hardships of life. But not for long. Very soon you learn what life is, what family is and how life goes on with equal measures of happiness and grief. At such times, understanding and trust are two very important things in a relationship. It’s not only a woman who has to understand this fact. Men should also realise this.

Any relationship can work – if the man and woman have the spirit and strength of mind to make it work. But if a husband is full of negative thoughts about his wife, the relationship will one day end. It can never fulfil.

If you really want to make your marriage work, keep these things in mind:

1.     Wake up with a smile and kiss your partner. It can be a nice starting of the day.

2.     Do not be restricted to your house. Go out together once a week and enjoy like teenagers. Take that camera out and be each other’s photographer.

3.     A lot of people take their partner for granted, with time. Do not ever forget to use words like “I Love you”, “Thank You”, “You’re Welcome”, “Sorry”.

4.     Women like gifts. Though they might not be demanding, even a simple cheap rose as a gift can cheer her up. It’s not the money but emotions that she likes!

5.     Living in the present is good. But do talk about future plans and savings. This will bring you close and get better understanding of each other.

6.     Spas and rubs at home if your partner is tired.

7.     Listen – this is very important. It is very easy to talk and talk and bring up fights. But listening is not very easy. Anyone who understand s this will surely have a happy marriage.

8.     Respect – Youngsters these days have a different attitude towards marriage. They act like friends in marriage (which is really good) but it is very important to respect your wife/husband.  A good home is one which has a sensible lady who is respected and appreciated for her efforts.

9.     Ignore small and petty things. If you pay attention to each and every word that your partner utters and then fight, you cannot have a happy marriage. So learn how to ignore sometimes.

10.                         Give each other time. Everything is important in life. Give him/her time to be with friends.


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