What to do When Missing Someone?

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What to do when missing someone?

On days I really think about a topic to write upon. I struggle hard and do google searches about what all can I write. But today I haven’t thought about anything. I just wanted to write this one. I am missing my parents badly even though I am going to India in a few days. I know I would be meeting them. Actually, it’s not only that I miss my parents, I miss my room, my lawn, my backyard, my everything. It’s not been long that I got married, and I am miles away from my family. Though we chat and talk on the phone, the feeling of staying with them is something very different. But as the law says, we girls have to leave our family after marriage.

It’s in a way good that she has a responsibility of making a new family. But then we do miss people in life. The relations may be diverse. You miss your boyfriend, your friends, and husband. I will stay in India for two months while my husband will get back in a week. Then I would miss him.

It’s strange that we keep on missing somebody.

I am lost thinking about all this, but I am happy that back home there are celebrations as my sister-in-law is getting married. It would be a grand celebration for sure.

Whenever you are missing someone in your life, remember:

  1. The good old times when you spent the happiest moments together.

  2. Always keep photographs of your loved ones with you and go through them once in a while.

  3. Keep in touch. Distances surely create a distance; so don’t let them come between. Call, chat, and visit whenever you can.

  4. Express your feelings. If you are missing someone, give a call and let him or her know that you miss him or her. A chat would help relieve your feelings.

  5. Wish that person on every occasion. This would help him/her know that you care.

Last but not the least, live your life, live in your present and cherish what and whom all you have in your life.

Life is too beautiful!


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