How To Block Websites Without Software

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Your kids are spending way too much time on a certain website and you are not happy with it? Discover adult websites in the History after your kids used your computer?, and there is many softwares that offers for you to block Adult websites but most of them are just a computer viruses and when you found a real software block adult website most of them too little stupid block non adult website by mistake and when you suffer the internet it become annoying for you  can block any website and say adult website no access.

So if your kids still won’t listen even after all the nagging, you might want to just block the websites you don’t want them to visit. In just 3 simple steps, without any software downloading, you can block as many websites as you want easily.

Step 1
Click Start > Run. Type notepad C:/Windows/System32/drivers/etc/hosts in the “Open:” field and click OK. note:- if it asked you to open with choose Notepad

Step 2
A notepad will pop up. Find the line where it says “ localhost”

Step 3
Immediately under the “ localhost“, enter the website you want to block by using the format “”. For example, you want to block Google and Yahoo from being accessed:

You can block as many websites as you want, just make sure you only enter one URL per line. To remove the blocked websites, just simply remove the line and you are done.

Note : this tip work perfectly on windows XP but haven’t been tested on windows vista nor windows 7 but why don’t you  give it a try ? =)


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