A Housewife or Working Woman?

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There was a time when women were confined to the four walls of their home. But they broke all barriers and emerged at the top at the working front. You can see women in every field now. I am going to talk about how it feels for a woman when from an employee she becomes a housewife? Is it relieving? Is it agonizing? Or you have mixed feelings? I was a sports journalist for about two years and then I got married and now settled in Oman. I moved here from India. And now I am a housewife. I cook, decorate my house and RELAX well. You might say that I am a woman with no dreams. It’s not that. Being a housewife is one thing but being a “good” housewife is another. I strive to be the latter one: cook well and take care of my husband after he spends hours and hours in office for both of us. Staying at home gives you an opportunity to learn new things in life and make it a balanced one. For me, I have learnt how to respect feelings and relationships, cooking and I know what responsibilities are. I was unaware of this earlier, seriously! I like the feeling of being a housewife after spending two years of strenuous work in the journalism field. But the feeling was not the same when I was there. I had dreams of joining the best newspaper and get recognition or maybe I would have preferred switching over to broadcast. Now I am in Khasab (Oman) where journalism doesn’t have any scope. What I can do is teach kids here in an Indian school but I would go for it after a nice break. What I am trying to say is that I learnt how to compromise and live according to situations. And I am pretty happy about it. Saying it is one thing but being able to like it is another. Right now I derive pleasure in making paper crafts for my neighbor’s kids and by teaching them English. I have myself learnt a little bit of Arabic that helps me interact with Arabic people here. So, see how I learnt so many new things by being a housewife. Believe in yourself and you should succeed in life. Don’t fret over your working woman status. It’s often seen that housewives get more time to spend with their children and husband. As a result, the kids turn out to be bright. I am not saying that children of working women are not bright but just talking about the time factor. So, look at the positive things. But yes, the negative point is that she is not earning for herself and would not be able to help her family when money is required. But a working-woman would be able to do that. So, both are compromising. While one has an edge over the time factor, the other has it on the economic factor. But everything has its own pros and cons. So, take pleasure in whatever you do and stay happy.


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