Lorna Ray Seratoma

                                     ~~~Older History~~~
Lorna Ray’s life hasn’t been an easy one. It’s one filled with deceit, disappointments, misadventure, and even death. Disappoint weighed heavily on her. It started even before she was born, with her mother. Lorna’s father abused her mother throughout her pregnancy and it’s a miracle she wasn’t harmed. Time passed and one evening as Lorna lay in bed, her father snuck in and tired raping her. Hearing her daughter’s cries, her mom for the first time ever reacted towards her husband in an attempt to save her daughter. However, her attempts were made in vain. She managed to turn his attention from Lorna to her, only to meet her death. Lorna’s body became invisible as the six-year-old watched in horror as her father, brutally killed her mother. Lorna ran away that night never looking back.

Somehow she stumbled into the portal that led from Earth Realm into GTX and here her life would be changed forever. A child alone and afraid. She met and befriended a lot of good people, but it wasn’t always easy. What was worse is that things always seamed to go sour. Now she finally had people that loved her. A family, a mother that would take care of her and she could call her own. A hawk, which is more then a pet to her, but a Spiritual guide, known as Scouter came later to her aide.

To bad it couldn’t stay that way. To bad her world had to crumble before her eyes, but that’s what happens in GTX or so Lorna would learn. It started when her brother Fusion or better known as James Angelous was taken from her. A man she looked up to, respected and loved dearly. A man at one time she almost called a father rather then a brother. He was brought back to her with a wolf known as Hunter, who becomes her protector. In this process James and Hunter merged and became one. In the end Fusion was murdered by the one known as Jackyl. The CEO of The U.F.F. and James brother now sworn enemy. Next taken from her was her Aunt Talim. A woman she thought dearly of, but never had the pleasure of truly growing close too.

Talim’s death was only the start of the reign of Lady Star and The DX’s Councils take over. Along with the one whom had sworn to teach her, being taken over by a dark creature known as Abbadon. It was his drive and cruelty that drove Lorna into almost the pits of hell along with him. With her mother Mina’s help along with her best friend Ari and newfound brother, Fenume and sister Celeste; they were able to drive the pendant from Lorna, but at a price. Part of Lorna’s soul will now always remain black because of this. Many lives were lost pointlessly, during all of this, including that of her mother Mina. While the woman she knew as her mother was brought back, there was a change to her. A change that even Mina could have never expected. But it did not stop there. No during what should have been a time of peace and rebuilding/rebirth, things took a downward turn.

The unseen death of their beloved leader, Henry or better known as the Big Man in Lorna’s eyes. This came as an unexpected shock to everyone, but the list only grew. Her Aunt Jenna turning up missing and a clone to take her place. For whatever reason, the complete truth still remains unknown. The disappearance of her brother Fenume, a young man she never got to know. Along with her sister Celeste, or better known as the new host of The Phoenix Force. Her best friend Ari, the girl she grew up with, was closest too and loved like a true sister vanishing along with the gems. Her Uncle Jax vanishing once again like the wind while her other uncle Tyr is nowhere to be found. While her adopted brothers Ian and Ryan seamed to disappear into thin air, leaving her no trace of how they did so. The final finishing blow came when the one person she though she had left her mother Mina was banished to Earth never to be seen again in GTX. Though all of this there had to come a price. Lorna is now a GhostWalker, a creature, a shadow of the night who walks her own path.

~~~More Current History~~~

After the death or vanishing of everyone Lorna held dear, she became invisible. A shadow or whisper on the wind. She even went as far to take up the name. Both her and Scouter took up residence in Magnus Rock. Still holding true to others beliefs she formed the group known as The GhostWalkers. Helping out the citizens of GTX, and doing whatever she deemed right. A futuristic X-Guardian or X-Council member some would tell her. That was how the two lived from one day to the next. Only being seen when they so wished it.

In time their numbers grew and the two, became many. They were the protectors of GTX. It was not long after that a group with different beliefs, known as The Atomians struck. To Lorna’s shock, one of the members was her sister Ming. However in the end both parties came to realize something much bigger was happening in GTX. They joined forces using the Black Gardens as a neutral base; they decided to strike at the group created by Xeo with plans to destroy GTX.

Shortly after this Ming had secretly joined Xeo and was told to kidnap Arianna, the rightful heir to GTX’s throne. Many went to save her, and while they succeeded, another took a fall as a consequence. The others returned to The Black Gardens where a weakened Lorna admitted her love to Dian, but shortly after he was pulled into a rift in space/time. Dian, now known as Max Power, returned in time and with everyone’s help the citizens came out the visitors. The portal was closed, but at a cost. Not only were many lives changed in the process, so were many places. Many wondered if GTX would ever be the same? Shortly after everyone went their separate ways.

It was during that time that Wraith; Max Power had confessed his love for her. The two decided on a whim after this to take a vacation to the Earth. They traveled through a gate connecting the two realms deep within the Aurora Caverns. The two found themselves in The City of the Damned, where they met up with another wraith, and friend of Max’s. A woman known as Lotus, who which was a first gave them the directions to a villa in Moon Lake.

They eventually reached the villa and spent many wonderful days there in the beautiful Finnish countryside. It was like a fantasy, a dream come true for the both of them, to bad it was cut so terribly short. Black Hawk, a wraith considered a criminal among the wraith organization, appeared in the villa taunting the two of them into a battle. Both Lorna and Max fought Black Hawk for a long time. A heated two-on-one battle, where the smallest mistake on either part would have resulted in one or both of their deaths. After awhile of fighting Black Hawk each had grown tired of the battle, he opened a large vortex-like portal he sucking both Max and Lorna into an alternate dimension. The two disappeared from both realms, with no one having any knowledge of what had happened.

~~~The Return From Oz~~~

Some people would say Lorna and Max have been though hell and back, and well in many ways they have. Pain, hardships. Each almost to the point of breaking. Endless battles with every sort of being, creature one could imagine. Never once stopping to hope that they might be some way out of this accursed place. At one point in time, Lorna’s soul clung so close to death that Max had no choice but to do, something he never planned or wished to do to her. He was forced to change her into one of his kind. A wraith. It was a severely painful process and one in which Lorna will never forget. The feeling of her body being consumed from the inside out, but it was either that or death. Both having to awaken the demon in them at some point, only for the other to bring the other back.

In the process of her bodies change from mutant to wraith Lorna lost her control over the air and her invisibility, but adopted a few new ones in the process. With time and a bit of luck the two of them found their way out of the alternate dimension, but instead of returning to the Earth Realm were they had left from, the two were now back in the realm of GTX. While they still haven’t yet made their presence there known, the two of them stand up for what is right even after their recent ordeals. The GhostWalkers have all but fallen apart; the realm in peril without anyone to truly defend it from evil. So it would seam as if the two now have their work cut out for them.

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