How to De-Scale Your Electric Kettle

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Read on to learn the cheap cleaning tips on de- scaling your electric kettle.

Tips to Green Clean!


Fill your kettle with equal amounts of vinegar and water and set the kettle to boil. Let it cool for some time and then throw the water away. Results are amazing; you will see the flakes of lime scale simply getting out with the water. Rinse the kettle thoroughly and wipe out the bottom of the cold kettle by using small amount of soda bicarbonate on a damp cloth.

To get rid of the vinegar smell, simply add water in the kettle, boil it and empty the kettle. Repeat three to four times if required. Before you start making your tea again make sure that vinegar smell has vanished completely.


Lemon is not only a great beauty product but is also a very efficient household cleaning product. For mild – de scaling lemon juice is the best. Take out juice from one lemon and pour it inside your kettle along with some water. Let it to boil once or twice and leave the kettle to cool. In the end simply empty the kettle.

Don’t forget to clean the bottom when the kettle is cold, by wiping it with small amount of soda bicarbonate on a damp cloth.

Tips to make your kettle last for long time !

1. Never leave water in your kettle, empty it out after every use.

2. Clean the kettle with lemon or vinegar at least once a month.

3. Do not be lazy, but make a habit to keep your kettle dry when not in use.

Clean regularly and save money too

1. A kettle full of lime scale consumes a lot more energy to boil, so simply keep your kettle clean at all times, to save your energy bill.

2. Another great tip is to boil only the required amount of water. When you boil lots of water, you waste energy and time

3. Do not just fill the kettle unnecessarily, but make a habit of filling it with as much water as you require each time.

From now on de – scale your kettle now and then and keep it clean at all times. What are you waiting for?

Get set to clean your kettle right now. Happy Cleaning!


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