Runescape Hunter Guide An RS Trade Skill So Simple That it Barely Needs a Guide

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Ranged and melee combat are easy enough to level for a Runescape player to learn. The Hunter skill while it may seem related is actually separate from the combat skills. It is however easier to learn and understand than some of the skills that will be used by every player.

The hunter trade skill is not one of the most useful trade skills in Runescape, but many of the furs that a character gains from this skill can be taken to the fancy dress shop in Varrock and made into useful equipment.

Types of Hunting Available to Runescape Players

A player can take his weapons out to hunt monsters and gain experience in this skill, but it is not necessary. A character can also hunt using the methods of deadfalls, traps, falconry, butterfly nets, and tracking. A Runescape hunter character can find many types of creatures with each subset of the hunter skill.

Tracking is the simplest method a hunter can use to locate his prey in Runescape. The Global Runescape hunter lists animals that can be caught this way as a polar kebbit, common kebbit, fedlip weasel, desert devil, and the razor-backed kebbit. Bird hunting starts out in a similar manner to tracking, but a player purchase a bird snare before he can begin.

Traps and the Hunter Skill

Runescape hunters can use a variety of traps to catch their quarry. Some traps require special equipment that can be made via crafting methods while others require a purchase from a vendor. Deadfall traps require a knife and a log, while net traps require a net. The more complicated forms of trapping require the character to set up a trap on a trap hot spot, and the most expensive type of trap is the magical imp box which a player can buy for 5 gold pieces.

How Hunters Use Falconry

Before a Runescape character can catch his prey using a hawk, he must give 500 gold to a non-player character near the Piscatoris Fishing Colony to learn this subset of the hunter skill.. A character who decides to hunt using a falcon can not wear anything on his wrist while his bird is active. This is made up for by being one of the easiest hunting methods. A player who wishes catch a kebbit using or any other animal with falconry starts the process by clicking on the animal quarry he wants his hawk to bring back to him.

Catching Prey as a Hunter

The techniques are simple and straight forward. Every time a Runescape character catches an animal he earns hunting experience and possibly as fur that can be turned into a useful items later. If the hunter catches prey using falconry, deadfalls, or pitfalls, each kills gives him a fur that can be used to turn into useful pieces of armor.

A determined Runescape player may wish for a more comprehensive guide on how to use the hunter skill, but it actually is fairly straightforward and requires little explanation outside of the client.


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