Skin Care Tips : Beauty Uses of Sugar

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It is an excellent beauty aid and is one of the most popular beauty ingredient used in most of the skin care products, existing in the market these days. It is crammed with glycolic acid which is beneficial to the skin to a great extent.

The natural glycolic acid found in the sugar not only helps to moisturize the skin, but also protects it from various toxins. It is an exceptional beauty product as it can be used to treat various beauty ailments.

The amazing quality of sugar is that it can be used by all skin types, and it helps enormously in restoring balance to skin’s oils. It does not clog pores and acts as a natural exfoliate. Here are the various beauty benefits of sweet sugar.

Benefits of using Sugar Scrub

Regular exfoliating with sugar scrub can easily turn your skin healthier and happier. You will experience a change in the appearance and touch of your skin. Once you get rid of the dead skin by using sugar scrub; the skin becomes more efficient to expel the toxins, and also absorbs the nourishment easily

A single application of sugar scrub will make your skin more uniform in appearance, soft and supple to touch, with a radiant glow. Sugar scrubs are very gentle on skin, comparatively less dehydrating than the usual salt scrubs.

Orange Sugar Body Scrub

For making the orange body scrub you will need ½ cup sugar, 2 tablespoon of whole milk or cream, 1 small cup of almond or olive oil and 5 – 7 drops of orange oil. Thoroughly mix sugar, oil and milk together and add orange oil in the end. Apply this mix on your body and leave it on 10 to 15 minutes, then take your shower. The results are amazing you will get baby soft skin just by one application.

Lemon Sugar Body Scrub

Lemon Sugar body scrub acts as a beautiful cleanser and detoxifier. Lemon is an excellent beauty product and when it is mixed with sugar it can really make your skin glow, soft and supple. To make lemon sugar scrub take ½ cup sugar, lemon juice from half lemon along with one small cup of olive or almond oil. Simply mix sugar and lemon juice together and apply all over your body. Massage for 5 to 10 minutes and then take your shower.

Sugar on lips makes your lipstick last long!


After applying your lipstick, simply put a bit of sugar all over your lips. Leave it for 30 to 40 seconds and then just lick it off. Sugar application over your lipstick really helps your lipstick from chaffing off. This is the easiest and the cheapest way, to retain your lipstick for a longer time.

Make your lips super smooth!


Application of sugar on your lips before you put on your lip balm makes your lips soft and smooth. Now isn’t this an easy and inexpensive way to smooth and sexy lips.

By now you know that sugar is indeed a cheap and efficient natural beauty ingredient. In your daily routine simply add a spoon of sugar to your facial wash, body wash or facial cleanser and get set to receive compliments for your soft and supple skin. So from now on let sweet sugar be a part of your daily beauty routine.


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