Take This Broken Vessel, Oh Lord

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Take this broken vessel, Oh Lord,

And mend it for your daily use;

Gather all its fractured seams

And all its fragment parts and seal!

Refine it well and strengthen it

That it may withstand any attack

Make it anew without any trace

Of its history of all disgrace!

Create again from dust, Oh Lord!

As was done in the first creation

Hide and keep me out somewhere

That I may not again reach That Tree!

You know my weakness through and through

And the reason why I’m away from you;

I am the clay in your potter’s wheel

Rework me into your desire’s pot!

The thorns of evils still prick me

But I find an evil pleasure in there!

I do not know their poison power

That will throw me into fire!

I am the lamb that you lost somewhere

And searching all the hill and dale

Why should you care this faithless lamb

And long to live in this sinful heart?

My eyes are blind and path hidden

I grope in darkness with frequent falls!

Neither get up nor realize

I wallow this mire in total loss!

Pour forth on me your saving balm

And cleanse me with your perfect Love

I should perish and melt in you

And prove that Lord you live in me!


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