How to Make a Great Breakfast Burrito

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Place the sausage, bacon and hash browns in a frying pan together and start to cook.

Place your eggs in a bowl with a little milk or water to add fluffiness and scramble.

Add the scrambled eggs to another frying pan and start to cook.  Once the sausage, bacon and has browns are done place them on a plate. There will be a lot of grease on the sausage, bacon and hash browns so blot with paper towels to remove grease as you please. 

Once the scrambled eggs are done place them on a plate.  Place a clean frying pan over heat and place a tortilla in it.

Once the tortilla becomes warm and bubbly remove it.  

Place the warm tortilla on a plate and add as much of the sausage, bacon, hash browns and eggs you want to it.

Add hot sauce and cheese if you wish and fold the tortilla up. You now have a delicious breakfast burrito.


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