The Hollywood of The South

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Now commonly referred to as the “Hollywood of the South,” Atlanta, GA is an amazing place.  With its quiet charm, delectable southern cuisine, style and flare, Atlanta is a vacationer’s premier choice.  Located in Northwest GA, Atlanta is the capital city at the juncture of three major interstates, I-75, I-20, and I-85.  Since the Summer Olympics of 1996, Atlanta is one of the leading cities to visit in the US and its appeal continues to grow.  Soon to be the home of a multi-million dollar sound stage for Screen Gems, Atlanta attracts an affluent population with visitors that follow.  There is something for the sports fans, history buffs, foodies, night owls and more.  As a city that was burned to the ground during the civil war, Atlanta has rebounded well.  It’s no longer necessary to go to the West Coast for celebrity sightings-as many have made Atlanta their second home.  Celebrities such as P. Diddy, Janet Jackson, Bow Wow, and Bill Goldberg are just a few of the celebrities that make the list.  Actor-Director Tyler Perry leads the way in establishing Atlanta’s Hollywood presence.  Perry recently opened his own Hollywood studios, Tyler Perry Studios in SW Atlanta.  Perry makes full use of his studios filming both his movies and television series from his own platform. So if you are planning a trip out West to see the stars, first take a trip to Atlanta.  It truly is the “Hollywood of the South.”  


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