How to make money in this recession

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My absolute favorite website for arts, crafts, and food items is  Here you can create your own on-line store within the network.  You have all the tools and links to make your store as simple or as fabulous as you like.  They do charge a small fee from the items that you sell, but that is it.  If you are creative or have that special recipe, this is the place for you.

For those of you who have that Customer Service back ground you will want to check out  On this website they hire quite regularly for work at home positions.  You do need to have DSL or something compatible.  You also need to have a phone line and a headset.  I would recommend skype.  Calls are about $3.00 per month and are made through your computer.  It takes about 1 month to go through the hiring process, with base pay and commission, you can make some great extra cash.

The Writers have another place to make money. You can try  There you will find jobs to contract.  Clients will come in with different internet needs suchc as: Writing for content,  reading e-mails, virtual assistants, etc.  They will post what they are willing to pay and you can contract yourself out.  The system does require you to study and test for some of the positions but it’s well worth it.

There are jobs that you can find online that are legitimate.  Do your research and be persistent. for more information on finding jobs in this recession  go to:


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