Hot Summer Hair Styles for 2009

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ponytail, short hair with sharp edges of flair, long messy tousled curls, headband made out of your own hair, twisted up do, and some may strut their stuff wearing bold wide scarves on their head. So it really doesn’t matter if you have long, medium or short hair anything is possible.

Summer hairstyles are always so fun and hip, especially when bold color is added to it. This summer 2009, many women will be supporting either a very pale peroxide looking Blonde hair color or a very rich looking Auburn with a hint of Burgundy Brown added to the mix. So listen up blonde’s if you want to fit in this summer hide those Dark Black roots they are out. Red heads stay with your usual Red hair color add a touch of Burgundy undertones or Red Oak highlights to it.

I am going to tell you how you can make a headband out of your own hair. I chose this particular style, because it is very hip and trendy looking for the summer. Now this hairstyle can be done on short, medium, or long hair as long as you have enough hair to be placed into a ponytail. This hairstyle should only take you 10 minutes to do, unless you move in very slow mode and have no patience when it comes to your hair.

Items needed to make this stylish summer hair style for 2009

Bobby pins (Try to match the color of your hair the best you can. The bobby pins come in Bronze, Silver, Black, and Brown. For Dark hair use the Black ones, Light hair go with the Bronze, and Gray hair go with the Silver and Red hair use the Brown.


Hair spray

Hair tie (Try to use the coated ones)

Small hair accessories if going to party or just feel like sprucing it up more (flowers, rhinestones, jewels, or hair pin)

First step- Make sure you hair is free of all tangles. Then gather all your hair and carefully place it into the ponytail holder. If you have bangs you may leave them out for an added touch. Mess up your bangs and make them fringy with a touch of gel or texture paste.

Read on to find out the finish look


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