Buenos Aires-Paris of South America

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The most populous city and the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires, located on the western bank of the River Plate has become one of the world`s greatest cities. The expansion which started in the 1860s is very important for the city. European emigrants, mostly from Italy and Spain came to the Argentina`s coastal area and to Buenos Aires.

The art flourished in the 19th c. Writers as Manuel Puig, Jorge Luis Borges and Jose Hernandez gained international recognition in the 20th c. Painters like Pettoruti and Soldi, sculptors like Rogelio Yrurtia are well known. Probably Argentina is most famous with its contribution to the modern music. Tango which later became a favorite ballroom dance in the world has its roots in Buenos Aires.

The importance of classical music and opera grew up. The Colon Theater and the Colon Opera have achieved an international reputation. Alberto Williams and Alberto Ginastera are the Argentinian most popular composers all over the world.

Today, Buenos Aires is often called “Paris of South America”. Probably it is so because of the European influence. One can find it in the architecture which is unique with the elements including Barcelona, Paris and Madrid influence. San Telmo with its streets and buildings from the colonial era attracts visitors very often. Churches, museums, antique shops and “Antique Fairs” in the historic Dorrego Square with the tango dancers are another must see in the city. The visitor can spend some time in the wonderful parks like the Parque Tres de Febrero which is the home of the rose garden or in the Botanical Gardens which are among the oldest in Latin America. The National Library which is the largest one in Argentina, the Obelisk which is a city iconic landmark, the Metropolitan Cathedral and many other interesting sight seeings wait to be visited at some time in the future.


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