David Hasselhoff Gets Rude Sometimes

David Hasselhoff, the enigmatic hunk who single-handedly skyrocketed the popularity of action-packed Knight Rider episodes is not so popular among ‘The Saturdays (pop group)’, as one of its sizzling members, Una Healy has some unpleasant memories of a dinner with this metrosexual man.

Is she annoyed because Hasselhoff fired a weird remark at her, during the aforesaid dinner?

No, it is not like that. In fact, he planned a dinner alongside the pop group at a posh restaurant and when the bill came, he paid his own share and left abruptly.

Utterly shocking!

This was not at all a trait of a genuine gentleman, which Hasselhoff appears like when he walks, talks and deals with girls.

Una shared the entire story, she said, “He knew our management and invited us all out for dinner when we were in LA. He was really funny and nice and we went to this fancy restaurant with his minder and some other people he knew. The bill came out and he said: ‘Well, I’ve only had one plate so here’s $20,’ and he left.”

Next she revealed that the whole group was staring at each other’s surprise struck faces, while thinking that who will pay the dinner expenses. She considers that it was pretty rude on part of Hasselhoff to behave in that way.

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Hey! I wonder if the whole thing was a kind of prank played on the group by Hasselhoff. You never know, as he is known to be a seasoned prankster.

Una certainly seems turned off by this incident, but she can try to believe in my theory. After all, Hasselhoff is a witty man, who devotedly tries to explore the funny side of life.

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