The Basic Of Domain & Hosting

About Domain

Domain is the name of website address like Domain like this, were call Top Level Domain or TLD, You can have some free domain that you can get from geocities, and it’s called Sub Domain. Of course TLD domain more professional than Sub Domain, and of course you have to purchase it.

Domain with .ID extensions are Indonesia’s brand domain. This kind of domain more like a sub domain, because it have two extensions. For example:

Some domain and hosting provider had some Security Goals, like Privacy, Integrity, Data Protection, Identification and Authentication, and Network Service Protection  for their customers.

About Hosting

Hosting is the name of place that we can put our website files on it. There is a lot of kinds of  hosting in this world, one of that is website hosting. You can get a cheap hosting or expensive hosting services with Free Domain, Free Site Builder, 24×7 Live Support and secure on internet, because there are many list of this services that you can get for cheap or expensive web hosting without sacrificing quality or features. You can easily find a very cheap hosting from $4~$10 per month, because almost cheap web hosting providers list with low setup fees, monthly fees under $10, budget saving hosting options, and a lot of cost compensation hosting plans.

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