How to Buy a house

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The very first thing you must do is get prequalified! This will tell you what your price range is. This can be done by calling any mortgage company. Its free and most places will do it over the phone.


Now that you know your range, it is time to find a realtor. Don’t think you do not need one, because you do. A realtor just makes it easier on you. It is very easy to find a realtor. You can call any realty company and they will provide you with one.


You are now prequalified and have a realtor! Now it is time to start looking at different houses. Your realtor will find houses that fit the criteria you provided.


When looking at houses, make sure there are no major problems with the house. You don’t want to buy a house, just to spend the next year fixing it. Make sure the house fits all of your needs and future needs as well. Do NOT buy a house unless you absolutely LOVE it! You don’t want to jump into anything, and then a couple months later regret it.


After finding the perfect house and closing the deal, you are now ready to move in to your new home!


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