Online Dating Diaries: Top 5 Things to Consider When Choosing an Online Dating Site

Before making any important decisions in my life, I like to research the topic or situation at hand as thoroughly as possible before I make a decision. My personal life is no different, especially when it comes to which online dating website to choose from. With so many available today, there are many things to consider and consumers can (and should!) take into account their personal needs or wants in a dating website before they take the plunge into a full subcription to that particular site. Of course this is by no means a comprehensive list, but it should provide a foundation for additional thought before consumers decide to become a member of any online dating site.

1. Success rate. How many of the users of this website have had successful relationships that have ended up in marriages? How many of those marriages have lasted?

2. Membership. How many users are on each site? has around 24 million members and some of the equally popular ones like eHarmony and its sister site have only 12 million members. claims that their site “leads to more relationships and more marriages than any other site”. Well obviously so if their site has twice the amount of users on it! It just comes down to simple math. And again, an important thing to look at is how successful are those relationships? Any successful and legitimate website would be more than happy to give its members and potential members that kind of information.

3. Cost. This can be an important factor for some. Yes, there are free online dating sites available online. However, the legitimacy of the sites themselves and the quality of the relationships formed on the site and the success rate of those relationships I’m sure is very slim compared to other more popular ones like or eHarmony. Some sites even have promotions like a FREE trial to decide whether or not you would like to become a member! Remember: You get what you pay for!

4. Personality and Compatibility. This is often one of the most common and also most often overlooked areas of a relationship. How does the website provide its users with “matches”? Are they pre-screened or can any user pick a profile that they like and start contacting you? allows its users to search through hundreds of profiles which is amazing and there is a higher chance of meeting a bunch of quality, eligible singles. However, some sites do not match their members based on personality and compatibility, so that Mr. You Thought Was Perfect on the first date could easily become the Mr. You Have Nothing in Common With and Would Rather Watch Paint Dry Than Sit Through Another Boring Conversation With.

5. Privacy. This is an extremely important factor in the online dating world. Will your profile be searchable and have the ability to be viewed by anyone online? Are you able to keep your email and personal information private while using the site? What types of communication are offered on the site (email, instant messaging, etc.) and is your privacy protected on those as features of the site as well?

There are some who are still skeptical when it comes to online dating and those who found their spouse through online dating websites! Wherever you are on this spectrum, it is important to consider all these factors and others that may be important to you. Keep in mind that this is not a comprehensive list and that many factors come into play when using online dating sites. Just be sure to be safe, have fun, and do your homework!

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