Catfishing Tips

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Catfishing is becoming more and more popular across the United States and many people are look for good catfishing tips and reliable information to learn to catch catfish. It is very unfortunate though that there is a lot of bad catfishing information online because many people continue to pass on myths and old wives tales giving bad catfishing information overload to new or inexperienced anglers who are trying to learn. 

Here are some good basic tips and “mythbusters” in regards to catfishing:

  • You don’t have to fish at night to catch catfish

  • You don’t have to use super heavy duty gear for catfishing, some times light tackle is the best catfish tackle.

  • You can get setup with an inexpensive rod and reel setup to get started

  • Chicken livers are possibly the most overhyped catfish bait ever discussed

  • The best baits for channel catfish are often “stink baits” or prepared catfish baits

  • The best baits for blue catfish are often fresh dead baits fished whole or as cut bait

  • The best baits for flathead catfish are often live baits like perch, bluegill or sunfish

Hopefully these basic catfishing tips will help you with your search to learn to catch catfish in your area.


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