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We have all had situations where circumstances have put us in a dilema. The consequences can effect your life forever. When someone has been drinking their judgement is impaired, This includes all rational thinking. At this moment we think of different reasons why it’s ok to drink and drive. If you choose to drive drunk you are taking a chance on your life as well as the lives of others. I have put myself in this situation where i questioned whether it was ok to drive home intoxicated. If you are not sure whether you are over the limit, You are over the limit. The best alternative is to have a designated drive. This person has to be honest and firm, And not willing to let you make a bad decision. In my case I got lucky, But how many people have made the wrong decision. I have zero compassion for drivers who continue to reoffend. Those offenders have no respect for the law, They only care about themselves. They have devices that can be put in cars, This allows the person to breath into a device which gives an accurate reading of the persons blood alcohol level. Even thou it would cost a lot of money, I think these devices should be put in all cars. How many lives would this save. The cost is much less than losing a life because of a bad decision.


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