Dirty Politics

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If you are alive and can see and hear you know that it is an election year by the dirty tactics used by politicans. When did it come to this. Politicians treating eachother worse than their enemy. Using dirty tactics to persuade voters to change their mind about someone is wrong. What about being elected because of the legacy you have created. If you think it is necessary to use dirty politics there is no way you should be considered to represent your state or government. I would vote for the guy who showed up at the shelter at six in the morning to feed people before someone who would rather spend money on degrading ad’s in the media. Politicians need to stop focusing on themselves and start following through on the promises they break everyday. Our tax dollars being used by politicians to play games and tiptoe around the truth. Hopefully there with be a greater accountability for the leaders of our country in the future. If we continue to let politicians do whatever they want, Life as we know it will be forever changed. Politicians will continue to break the law until there are stronger penalty’s on government officials.


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