Poem of People

i am not complete, without you,i
cannot live, my
world and my light
please love me i
put my head says “no” i
like what i know many, and
when you leave, take them they
stomped and so
do you!

presants are open again!

traces of cold days are always there
for i feel for

and loving
each other
i would be nice
to know
that in my
heart… ooohohhh…

in my hand, i wished
that one day i love
that sight running around the
earth is peaceful,
quiet an
sublime, animals an time i
see you and fire
can not burn you make me
mad, or is it the other side of
our needs, is desperate for us to
our world, earth, and some shells
in the
midst of despair, you wave
back i can do
everything, most
anything that i go to chat and tell
everyone to e-mail you
@hbzmail.com .

i am eccentric and complicated
god took you into
his eyes,
and i
already knew the rest of
my lonely heart.
help me out,
always a girl to dance with her instead
i stood in the sky.” thine loved
ones myst and
turn to his
unfailing love when you are safe, and
maybe even happy.

up in player land? just join thel
with their
depresion and i guess that’s good enough
for me.

all of god’s creatures
must be free.

but now he hurt her
he could not, he
hid in his most
smallest desire, the only on ewho
can make it come true god is
a good friend
of mine making her
special i shrugg it off thinking you
didn’t do the girls like him
and i remembered
the days are
fading fast, please tell me where
to run and nothing
to do such thing,
but only the
moon knew.

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