My Run In With a Holocaust Survivor

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Imagine being 21 years old and taken from your home. When you were taken from your home, you watched the German SS soldiers burn your fathers beard and if he screamed you and your family would be killed. 

Imagine spending your early 20’s in three different concentration camps and weighing around 60 pounds. On your way to the camp, you rode in a truck with 40 other people for four days, there was no place to go to the bathroom and all you could do was hold your 18-year-old sister’s hand. 

In a state of fear, an SS comes over and shoots your sister in the head while you are still holding her hand. The people on the truck become frantic and are hysterically crying. The SS tells you and your family if you make another noise then everyone on the truck will be executed. 

This is not fiction; this is reality. For one man I interviewed (who shall remain nameless), this was his life. The things that happened to him in a week, a normal American could not fathom in a lifetime. 

The last time he saw his father was when a police officer in Hungary separated the two for different concentration camps. He never got say goodbye. There were 26 families in his home village, of which only one other boy came back to after the Holocaust. 

Here we are in America, blessed beyond belief. For the most part, we all have food, we all have clothes, we all sleep somewhere warm at night and some of us receive a great education. 

This survivor described America as heaven. He never complains about the food he is served, everything tastes delicious to him. As a matter of fact, he said he never complains about anything. He gave me a few hugs when I came to hear his story and had a huge smile on his face because he knew I cared. 

Ay my age, this man experienced nightmares that I cannot dream of. He had experiences that would drive me to a lifetime of therapy. Yet, all he can do is describe the world we both live in as heaven. 

If he can look at the joys of life and not share one complaint. Then there is no reason we all cannot do the same thing. 


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