How to Open a Deer Farm

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Deer has been domesticated for more than 5000 years. The meat is delicious and health. The deer meat is usually more expensive than beef or goat meat. People use the deer as cloth to. Today, deer skin is the material of shoes, wallet, belt, and other accessories.

Before open a dear firm you should learn about the deer. Deer is different with other livestock such as cow, goat, and sheep. The deer is easy to afraid even they have been domesticated.

1. Buy a land for the farm. The deer need large area. It is different with cow, or goat which needs small spaces. Be sure the local government or government allows you to found the farm at there. Some countries forbid any farm especially near settlement.

2. Fence the area. You should be careful to fence the area. Some country forbids people to build a fence. Ask the local government first about the fence. The fence is very important to keep your deer from run out.

3. Buy the domesticate deer. Do not catch the jungle deer because you cannot raise it at your farm. There are various deer for farm, such as, reindeer, axis deer, mule deer, red deer and more. Use the deer that adapt with your country climate. If you live at subtropics, you can use red deer.

4. Feed them with grass, weed, and legumes. Give them vitamin and mineral.

5. Sell the dear to the meat company or let people hunt your deer.

This business needs much money, you should calculate before open the farm.


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