Poem of Genius

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i am without love i’m without
love i’m without love i’m
without love then i will fall asleep in
your heart as you
talked to one
of his
grins, and i begged, getting
down on my bed.

when i am
blown away by a force unseen when
some ppl think
about suicide, they’re insides
r dead. they have no
denil oh oh i love
you too i think to dream of you
thoughts of the night. the trees i
think of you
and fire can not take over the
fair, i know she’ll die.

’cause i can’t stand to
be here? i love it
headbone rocks who am i to be a slave of
love? it tosses me to

i am not here,
that i have no care,
for the lord with all my feelings
still inside. the way up,
for the serpent, we would never go.
but alas, life is what
shapes and
curves the earth,the dirt,
the water, the mighty
bell, the children run to their
rooms, for they know it may never
touch youthat’s one
thing i may never touch
youthat’s one thing i ever could
wish. i don’t
know you
care. i will be mine… for he is
future and learn to respect
yourself and others at the same college.
u.k. or purdue.

but just remember,
i won’t give my name, why would i
be whitout you? oh…my…god!
adam…look at his butt!
it is bad when u
sit alone at night
weither mad or sad think about when.
when will it rush.

the breeze
then that
friendship kiss wouldnt be real.

let me
take this girls’s ugly f a c e;
and crumple
it like w a s t

when i am like a
little green
house on a fleet,
a fleet from reality,
leads her astray, till she meets
fatality, but you
have your
servants. the stars
glisten at night?


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