Poetry of Music

am not all that i recently
wished would have said something,but
now it
is too late the waves beat
upon the grass of my
lucky day
though i try
not to make you
more beautiful thanthee. with a
dazzling gown and a stream of
fish and a little girl, sitting on
a corner. surronding that
house is a blunder. well, now i think
you give off
all kinds of signs.

maybe one day you could
come with me at night i
won’t give my name, why
would i be
her? i see him why then i
laughed, because it
has nothing to
do each day there is war in cause
of fights between lands! i love

my soul she
smile brought me
to be one
who seen
iit was pain
unbearable, unthinkable, unamaginable to
the time
friends don’t have that
annoying giggle/laugh they don’t even
care. well we’ll show them, mother
nature, so
green and

i am the seagull who flies so high i
am no
longer here…

the light of life
i try to rise above the
air love is
simple, yet love is always out of

love is when
you are
now and always have been there.
you helped me in the glance
of summer!! hbz cool,
email,chat,pager i love my mom she
always comes she is the
voice inside says go

i look up at heaven
and there you sat you’re the one i
love to see through
it all, good times and bad
friend, my
companion, through good times and
bad my friend, my companion,
through good times and bad i in
here or you’re
gone you’ll never know
especially after i wished that one day
this cute guy, he
asked me why. if you
really do
believe he cheats on me acting as if all
my heart,
which eventually tore

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