Parent Poem

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i wonder if
it’s worth
it? waiting my life
with you. just seeing your
smile makes me have a new
bubble and a
leafy sort
of wish i had a
birthday party
with all the things we can
all praise
& shout about,
let the sun
sets, i let you complain or gripe.
so take some time to get in. it
decides your fate.
bubbles come to stay.

passion is a fat hog
he is like, so big!!

why do enmys hate us so
badly? ask why while you got a
life full of happiness you get,
and all the time
friends don’t have that
annoying giggle/laugh they
don’t make a sound then fall
comes and swishes them a
way to do
many things. i love
him yes i do
want to believe it, but i stay
calm. you lean
and our friendship
love, you are scared, i will
take care of you.

i am a caregiver,, someone who always
felt apart, she only
wanted love
and life, spring is
flowers in
between. the earth is
beatiful, the earth is beautiful the
earth is quiet,
but with sound the earth because
they think of you i
don’t know you care. i like a dove.

i only knew,
what was instore for
you now. my heart both pairs
of angels watch from above the air
love is what shapes and
curves the
earth,the dirt, the
water, the mighty
sun, every living
thing is life,dont
forget them,
dont forget the power
to stay
alive. but as they’re
dieing, they think it’s a secret to
me? what gossip will i
go? i hope this helps the land,
know “what it’s like” to
sing the
blues and i’m as shy as a fact.

so, who’s the drooliest?

the coolest chat! want a dance
or a pool


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