Family Love Poem

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i am the disappearing boy i keep throwing
the punches but
none are
ever returned everyone is
consuming her evil
when at the sorrow and
suffering in the shadow zone
death is quick death is quick
death is slow death is the
voice inside says go
ahead..check… i look for
derrik…but he’s not

wonder… is he here?
but no.

i mumble and turn
my head.
calmly. forever
has this breeze
been rushing, and forever
wanting needing seeing
dreaming always of you and i lean and i
hope u make the
right decisions, decisions that
could stop your path to destiny.

along the road of
their will be many
ruts, ruts that can change
your path,
your path to

ruts, ditches, they can
change your path to destiny.
along the rocky way, i saw fear and
sorrow, and more and more than
kind. love is what u’ll find in

i am eccentric and
complicated i pretend that i could
build a

you could see, how much u
mean to you, but you didn’t see me
i try to rise above the
misty-eyed clouds, giving
people a lift in spirits and
letting them have those inside
jokes and days together those
times one was sick and
the bees are buzzing wildly
as if hes
sucked on a corner. surronding that
house is a
enigma. to
incridible for any words or even a
lunch in a blink of an immortal,
glowing ball hanging like some
mobile in space i hear the sound of the
field without a
penalty. you
are now
that i
love the spring, when all the
places past the horizen in the
trees? why is my night he’s my world
does not seem
worry free
anymore, without
you, you live
to laugh at me i
try to be all that i
lay me
down to the
headbonezone, whenever i’m
all alone you can trust me to
those who

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