Best Portable Drive: Seagate

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I love gadgets and I am a very picky about them.

Before I buy one, I make sure that I have made my research about the best ones out there. Things that I consider when looking for a product are:

1. Quality. I consider this the most important trait of a product. I don’t want to spend my quality money on things that doesn’t perform well based on what I expect from them.

2. Durability. I hate it when something I bought gets easily broken when I’m too careful with them.

3. Price. Sometimes I’m practical and sometimes not, depending on what the gadget has to offer.

4. Appearance, of course.

I do my research through the Internet and by asking people. Most of the reviews out there say that Seagate is the best brand when it comes to portable hard drive so I decided to buy one. And when I bought my Seagate 640 GB portable hard rive, it doesn’t disappoint me! For a 640 GB, I find it thin and lightweight, I can carry it anywhere without any hassle, which is a big relief because I’m the kind of person who loves to travel a lot and takes pictures. I also find it very easy to use; all you need is to just plug it in and drag and drop the files, there’s no need for an external power supply since it is powered from the USB cable. There’s no need to install any software or configure anything and is automatically recognized by Windows.  I recommend this to everybody who’s planning to buy a portable hard drive. If I were to rate this product, I’d give it 5 out of 5 and a two thumbs up! Thank you Seagate for such a wonderful product! Keep it up!


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