Causal Loop: A Very Redundant Theory

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Time travelling is such a disturbing yet interesting matter, don’t you think? People talk about it all time, “if only I can go back and right the things that I’ve done wrong.”

“If only.”

Time travels are highly portrayed in science fiction. Either it was mentioned in a novel or done in a movie, it never fails to spark a bulb at the top of your head. What if time travelling was possible? What are the odds?

Although travelling through time may sound like an exciting option, the nearest logic presents a contradictory theory.

Predestination Paradox

Predestination paradox is simply known as causal loop, or temporal causality loop, a closed loop, or the closed time loop. It is a paradox dealing with time travels that locks a series of predestined events, usually adapted in science fiction.

The predestination paradox (or causal loop) states that a timeline cannot be altered by interfering the past with the future. A time-traveller who tries to alter the past will only end up recreating a set of events which will lead to the same future. In other words, he may be able to rewrite history, but what was meant to happen will still happen.

To better understand a causal loop, look at the following example:

Mike goes back to his past to seek out the man who murdered his girlfriend, and get revenge. She was alone in her room when he found her. So much he missed her, Mike acted aggressively and he scared her off. Sara, while trying to escape from him, ran and fell three flights of stairs. Mike tried to call for help, but it was too late.

Predestination paradox doesn’t only occur in time travels, like in the next example.

Sara was sick. It was an inoperable tumor and she doesn’t have much time left. Her boyfriend, Mike, is a well devoted doctor. He was working day in and out with specialists to find a cure. Time came and they attempted to operate on her. It was successful at first, however, one month later Sara had a complication.

But so much for killing Sara, look at another example.

Sara has a unique gift of foretelling the future. She had it since she was a child. Last night, she saw her brother Mike got shot at a dark alley. Later that night she followed him, frustrated and trying to convince him not to go to the club. It eventually turned into an argument, where, a passing cop thought Mike was attacking her and shot him.


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