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Widgets have found their way onto our windows desktops a while ago – now it is time to put them on web sites! In general, widgets are small, independent items, or gadgets, if you will, that can do something and that can be placed anywhere on a web site without much coding knowledge The brand new focuses on graphically rich gadgets that enhance the optical appearance of a web site as well as it’s functionality. The first two items are already available:

XP Calculator is a small Javascript based calculator that can be used either by clicking on it’s “keys”, or by typing directly into it’s display. This is by far the easiest way to get something calculated. And on top of that, the calculator is semi transparent and looks very good on any background.

The other item is a beautiful vintage analog clock that suits any grunge- or antique style web site. It is available in two sizes.

All Items can be added to a web site very easily: Just copy one line of code from a text box and insert it into the html of a page – that’s it! 

We are looking forward to many more beautiful widgets!


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