Seo Tricks: Kill That Keyword Competition

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Writing web content isn’t only about writing qualitative articles. Writing for the web also relies on the use of Search Engine Optimization. Search Engines are known to be the best way of driving massive traffic to a website. And, SEO is helpful when building a long term and targeted traffic to your product.

What is Long Term Traffic?

Text based web content, as well as any other formats of content, tend to have durations. It means that written articles are expected to be popular two or three weeks after it was published, but it will die off in the upcoming months.

Long term traffic pertains to qualified visitors that frequent your site via the results listed on major search engines such as Google. Ranking high on a particular search on Google is a reassurance that your website will get a long term, targeted traffic.

What is Targeted Traffic?

Traffic is worthless if qualified and targeted traffic don’t make the bulk of it. This kind of visitors refer to targeted audience, or people who will read the text based content on your website for a purpose.

Take for instance you have a Veterinary website. Your targeted audience will be pet lovers, pet owners, and animal rights advocates. As the services you offer will be based on animals, your sales will increase with people who want to buy your product. The same way it is senseless to sell dog shampoo to a driving school teacher.

What is Keyword Competition?

Keyword competition is the very basics of Search Engine Optimization. On the above example, keywords relating to animals will be your forward players. However, there are others also playing the same field, and what you have to do is to top them off.

Good web content writing doesn’t only involve the use of right keywords. There is a competition, and every content writers must remember “best keywords are always the hardest.” Since almost all articles have been published on topnotch keywords, it all becomes a game of endurance and luck.

In order to drive long term and targeted traffic to your website, and make sales, you will have to understand the main rules of keyword competition.

Achieve Best SEO over Keyword Competition

Since there are rules, there’re also tricks and techniques a web content writer must know to connect with his targeted traffic.

1. The best keywords are permanently generic

2. Look for specific keywords

3. Research your keywords

The best keywords are permanently generic

As already mentioned, the best keywords are the hardest. Only if you have the guts and wits to fish for traffic with the greatest competition, should you use generic keywords.

If you were to look at Google Analytics, you will see that generic keywords get millions of search queries. It also has millions of competitors.

Look for specific keywords

It is important to dig deep and consider more specific keywords for your web content. It may be unknown to many, but people actually search for specific queries. These people are the ones who make up your targeted audience, and are more likely to buy your product.

Research your keywords

Perhaps the single most important part of the keyword competition is the pre-emptive stage. This is where you research which keywords will best benefit your website’s goals. Which keywords will give you long term targeted traffic, which keywords will help you sell your product?

And lastly, in which keywords do you have the best chances of winning?


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