Jamaica's Decline; Part 5

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The Chairman of the Public Sector Transformation Unit Consultative Monitoring Group, Peter Moses has found a system where the names of dead people are on the Government’s payroll.

Jamaica, a poor country, a country which can not pay the sums due its teachers
police, or nurses, has been remitting sums to dead people for years.

How can this happen?

Where other Ministries, Agencies, etc. have computer software which can keep
track of how much gas an employee used in a month, the Ministry of Finance is

Reams and reams of paper scattered on the various floors the Ministry of Fianance

That the Jamaica Labour Party has been in power for three years, that the same Minister
has sat in the same chair for three years makes it difficult to blame the People’s National
Party for these ‘discrepancies.’

Why this is revealed now may be due to a curious member of the IMF or some other outsider.
But the fact is, for three years the Ministry of Finance had no idea it was paying dead people.

It sounds amusing, and one wishes to make a harsh whisper; “We pay dead people,” but it
isn’t funny. 

It isn’t funny that a government which was elected on an anti-corruption platform would take more
than half its term to discover what every civil servant has known since they picked up their
first pay cheque.

Nor will it be funny to learn that most Ministries, Agencies, Commissions rent their premises
at ridiculously high rentals plus maintenance.

By the time this is addressed elections will be due, and considering how well the Spin against
the PNP and its leadership has worked it might not be so simple to get rid of this set of theives.


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