Top 15 Movies of 2009: 2009's Best Movies

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2009 was a pretty decent year for movies and while I don’t think too many of these movies will get titled classics in a few year there are still some very well made films. On the list are comedies, action movies, dramas, and family films which gives it an accessible mix for those wishing to explore what the year had to offer. I know that there are plenty of more great movies released that year beyond the fifteen listed that I may not have seen but could be deserving of a spot on here. This list is my personal opinion of what I have seen from 2009 and what I liked the best, so here are my best movies of 2009.

Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans- It didn’t do much business at the box office which is a shame because this Werner Herzog directed flick is a really good movie. Nicolas Cage is a detective in New Orleans who is addicted to drugs and investigating the murder of some illegal immigrants. The movie is kind of crazy which might put you off or make you love it even more.

Crazy Heart- The story of a down and out country singer isn’t the best but Jeff Bridges serves up a brilliant performance as Bad Blake and makes the movie something special instead of average.

An Education- It’s an entertaining coming of age story starring Carey Mulligan as a teenage girl in early 1960s London. The movie wasn’t overly long but it was enjoyable while it lasted due to the performances of the cast/

The Hurt Locker- The Hurt Locker won six Academy Awards including Best Picture and Best Director for Kathryn Bigelow and tells the story of a soldier who leads the explosives disposal unit during the Iraq War.

Inglorious Basterds– While some people don’t like him Quentin Tarantino to me always makes an interesting film and Inglorious Basterds was no exception. Christoph Waltz as you probably heard gave a brilliant performance as Colonel Landa and Brad Pitt was hilarious as Aldo Raine, leader of the Basterds. This movie does drag on at parts but overall it’s a great experience and who doesn’t like to see Nazi’s go down in flames?

Precious- Damn this movie gets depressing but the story and characters are both very good and the cast, mainly Mo’Nique are so absolutely believable in their roles it draws you in.

Up In the Air- George Clooney plays a man who spends his life on the road and is hired by companies to do their layoffs for them. He lives his life with no attachment but soon starts a relationship with a woman similar to him and begins to fall in love. Up In the Air was hyped up and is a bit overrated but it is still a good movie that is worth watching

Avatar– Avatar is the biggest box office smash of all-time and despite not having the strongest plot the visuals alone give it a spot on the best movies of 2009 list. Avatar is a landmark film in its use of computer generated effects and characters so don’t act like you weren’t blown away by the alien world when you first saw it.

Moon- Sam Bell is spending three years on the moon in solitude mining for Helium-3 thinking that he will complete his mission and return home to his wife. I don’t want to get into what follows and ruin the movie but let’s just say it asks the question what it is to be a human being. Great movie.

The Blind Side- I never have gotten around to reading the Michael Lewis book that this movie was based off of but the film itself was great to watch. If you don’t know by now it’s the true story of football player Michael Oher who goes through bouts of homelessness as a youngster and is adopted by and becomes a big part of a Tennessee family. A very sweet and inspirational family film.

District 9- A tale of aliens who have crash landed on Earth and live separated from the rest of the population and are set to be forcibly relocated. The film brings up issues of xenophobia and corporate dominance and is certainly entertaining although I did think that it wasn’t as good towards the end. Still a very imaginative film that separated itself from the rest of the movies of 2009.

The Hangover- Not every great movie has to be serious or touching sometimes you just want to laugh and The Hangover delivers.

Star Trek- A summer action movie that made non-trekkies actually give a damn about Star Trek. Well played Mr. Abrams.

Up- Funny and very touching this animated film is another home run for Pixar and is right at the top for the best movie they have ever made.


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