Steroids: The Culture is to Blame, Not A-Rod

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You have a headache, you take a pill; you have a runny nose, you take a pill; you have high blood pressure, you take a pill; you have problems getting it up, you take a pill; you want to get bigger and stronger, hey guess what? You take a pill. 

When Alex Rodriguez came out and finally admitted to taking steroids, a lot of people felt it necessary to point a finger and blame the likely, future home run king, who happens to be baseball’s highest paid player. 

Whether you believe his full admission or not, can you blame him when he says he felt pressure to be better and live up to expectations so he took a drug?

It is tough to point the finger when little girls see ads on tv to clear up their acne so they can be beautiful again or a young man feels incompetent and may feel pressure to take a drug to enhance his… well you get the point. 

Our society breeds celebrities constantly from image. Beauty is seen on the outside, does it shock anyone that people feel pressure to take steroids just from the way it can make you look? Now throw the idea around that you can look better and make a ton of money to hit a baseball a few feet farther. 

Columnists and TV personalities have been up in arms about Alex Rodriguez as if he has killed somebody or even worse, killed a few dogs (Michael Vick), but in reality, he may be the rule, not the exception. 

Our society is to blame, we live in a world where image is everything and we all have to be perfect. Yet half the people around the world would kill to be in our shoes. 


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