How to Use a Lock Pick

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Picking a lock doesn’t always mean you are going to bust in somebody’s home. What if it was your home and you misplaced your keys? What if your keys got stolen? It would be such a hassle to climb up the second story window just to get in, not to mention you could die if you hit your head. So you have to rethink this. It’s not evil to learn to use the lock pick, often times it’s necessary.

Now that we are clear you are not getting arrested for reading this article, it’s best to first understand the petty details.

One must understand that a lock is created to be a lock; it has tiny metals inside that has to be moved accordingly with the right tools (and not a paper clip) to unbolt the pin set. The two most common security lock pins are called a mushroom pin and the spool pin, each requiring technical skills to be picked.

Picking a lock is a matter of constant tension and great patience. Single pin picking can take a lot of time for newbies, whereas you have to try to set every single pin one at a time with perfect reflex and hand tension. This is usually done with a hook pick.

Imagine a number lock. A pin lock works much the same way, only harder. Pin locks have a series of pins inside it that needs to be aligned perfectly in order to give way and open the bolt. The laborious part is manually setting each pin with not-too-little-not-too-hard tension until you find the exact combination. Mistakes do happen as well. Using too much tension can set the lock harder, while the otherwise won’t move the pin at all.

Learning to use a lock pick sounded harder than in the movies because it is. It only becomes a breeze after several years of experience. The main reason behind it is that lock pin patterns are sometimes standard for certain productions, serials, or kinds of locks.

In order to really learn how to use a lock pick, one needs a hands-on tutorial, which cannot be achieved by reading an article alone. This article only serves as an introduction to the strenuous process of using a lock pick.

But to summarize it, one needs the proper lock pick kits to begin. Next he will need a basic understanding of how locks work—where given above was only one type of lock. Lastly he’ll need to proper learn more of the details hands-on.


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