How to Have a Healthy Diet.

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Things You’ll Need:

  • Change in choices
  • 15-20 minutes cooking time
  • Probiotics
  • Prebiotics
  • Vitamin C
  • Quinoa Grain
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Step 1.
One of our habits to break is settling for those packaged meals, and processed meats.(Frozen meals,sausages, hot dogs or even tuna sandwiches) Especially when we cook our hot dogs and sausages on the grill they may get carcinogens within them from the high heats. These things are high in saturated fats and sodium nitrates which are not good for us. Another good thing we could do for ourselves is to eliminate red meat from our diet or at least cut down and maybe eat lean meats.


Hydrogenatedoils_Thumb.jpg Need I say More! Avoiding hydrated oils would be another healthy step. Hydrated oils is like inhaling a cigarette. These oils are trans fats and is hard for our body to digest and breakdown. Having consume too much oils can also contribute to constipation and aid in slowing down our bowel movements. The federal government is not making it any easier for us to know about what we eat by allowing manufacturers to place labels stating 0. trans fat on food containing less that .5 grams of trans fat. Our daily allowance of trans fat is no more than 2 grams remember. Look for these things in your ingredients- Hydrogenated or shortening, hydrogenated oils,parm kernel oil, and coconut oil. They all mean trans fat!


probiotics_Thumb.jpg Probiotics pills * It is extremely important to have a good bowel movement. One of the indicators to whats going with us inside. Having a high fiber diet will increase your chances of having regular movement. Not having a good bowel movement can lead to a number of health conditions depending on what you eat and what toxins are trapped with your intestinal tract. You must remember also that in the intestinal tract lies most of your immune system. It’s your first and major line of defense. Taking Probiotics will assist you in the breaking down of your food and will allow greater absorption of your food. You should take probiotics daily at the rate of at least twice a day. You can achieve this by eating low sugar yogurt with active or live culture in it, or purchase probiotics in pill form.

Lentilsprebiotics_Thumb.jpg Lentils Prebiotics is a beneficial towards good health by aiding the probiotics in being food for it to grow and have a greater effect on your body. For prebiotics you may simply want to include certain foods in your dietmag-glass_10x10.gif such as lentils(Which you can cook in about 15mins), onions, garlic, Asparagus, bananas, leeks, sun chokes, blackeye peas, split peas, or chick peas. It is also better to serve with a vitamin c source to increase its effectiveness.


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