Famous Stallions in Horse Racing

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Despite the controversies surrounding it, the equestarian sport of horse racing has stood the test of time and continously provides entertainment and excitement for sports fans and gambling enthusiast. Similarly, such sports betting generated a reported world-wide market worth more than $115 billion in 2008 alone.

Horse racing originates from chariot races during the ancient Roman times. Hence, the sport established itself in the United States way back in the 17th century upon the construction of the Newmarket course known today as the Hempstead Plains of Long Island in New York.

Consequently, race horses became instant celebrities in their own rights as they continuosly amaze the crowd up to this day. Moreover, the following are among the most famous race horses in the history of horse racing.


Considered as one of the finest race horses of all time, Affirmed is the last thoroughbred to win the coveted Triple Crown  includes the long and winding routes of the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness and Belmont Stakes. More so, Affirmed is one of only 11 race horses who have won this extremely difficult event.


Born in 1970, the majestic Secretariat is one of the most celebrated if not the celebrated race horses in recent history. Even before his first race, the hype that surrounds Seceretariat was similar to that of a LeBron James of basketball. Nevertheless, Secretariat justified the hype with brilliant performances in the grand stages of horse racing including winning the Triple Crown and setting a world record that is yet to be broken.

Secretariat’s popularity grew tenfold as he appeared in the cover of Times, Newsweek and Sports Illustrated all in the same week.

Northern Dancer

Throughout his career, the race horse Northern Dancer surpassed earnings of half a million dollars. In his third year, the famous race horse had his bestt career year as Northern Dancer, jockeyed by Bill Hartack won prestigious tournament after another winning the Florida Derby, Flamingo Stakes, Kentucky Derby and the Blue Grass Stakes among others.

In 1964, Northern Dancer was also named Eclipse Award champion 3-year-old.


Cigar’s name is among the discussion of the greatest race horse in the history of horse racing mainly because of his impressive 15 consecutive win streak. Cigar is one of the most prolific race horses as the valiant race horse almost eclipsed a whopping $10 million in total career earnings.

Needless to say, Cigar was just $187 short of earning eight figures.


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