What Equipment is Your Auto Mechanic Using?

Before you take your vehicle in to get the wheels aligned, ask the shop owner what kind of equipment they are using to get the job done. If they are using the best equipment on the market, then your car will need less work and can go longer periods of time without being re-aligned. This means more money in your pocket. Let your mechanic know about the best new equipment on the market. This investment will bring more return business, more recommendations, and make their customers happier in the long run. Check this out:

Bosch FWA 4630 Easy 3D Wheel Alignment System
In independent workshops and tire service centers, wheel alignment is often offered as a service for the purpose of customer binding. In many cases, a tire change is sufficient reason for wheel alignment. This can be done at the same time without high additional costs. Adjustment and repair work resulting from wheel alignment guarantee additional turnover in the workshop.

In focus with the new FWA 4630
Short setup times, simple operation and fast results characterize the new wheel alignment system FWA 4630 from Bosch.

Drive up:
The indispensable runout compensation can now be carried out with total precision in no time at all. Following setup, you simply drive the car into the correct position. Tedious and dangerous pushing on the platform is a thing of the past.

A new dimension in wheel alignment: The FWA 4630 represents a new generation in wheel alignment technology and offers everything that the modern workshop could desire: Fast, precise measured data acquisition of toe, camber, thrust line, axle and wheel offset and, following 20° steering routine, caster and kingpin angle.

In only 7 minutes! In the shortest possible time and with the help of various measuring programs, workshops have all information related to the chassis as well as printable measured results, that nowadays form the basis of a competent customer discussion.

Competence and precision
High accuracy is guaranteed right from the start through rolling runout compensation. The measurement is carried out according to 3D measuring technology using two preciseCCD cameras per wheel. The integrated reference system as well as camber and inclination pendulum in each sensor head ensure reliable, reproducible measured results without complicated and error-prone calibration. Thanks to reference system, the sensor heads of the FWA 4630 do not even have to be fixed to a lifting platform.

Mobility for the complete system
Lifting platforms designed for wheel alignment simply need to be fitted with special support brackets for the sensors. This means that an FWA 4630 system can be used on more than one lifting platform in the workshop if required. It is ideal for use in a wheel alignment pit, with the sensors simply placed on the floor next to the vehicle. The reference system uses a gravitational force reference to guarantee correct results.

The Advantages of the FWA 4630:
Setup times reduced considerably
Simple positioning of the light measurement boads and sensor head saves you valuable time!

Fast measurement combined with high accuracy
Fast rolling runout compensation and consistently accurate on all four wheels simultaneously without having to lift the vehicle.

Designed for tough daily workshop operation
The robust and ergonomic design is geared towards practical handling in daily workshop operation right up to the finest detail.

Watch the Bosch FWA 4630 in action HERE!

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