The Power of Teamwork – Five Tips For Building Your Bukisa Network

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The first article in this series introduced the Power of Teamwork. Read this and then move onto the five great tips for building your network. Even in this virtual world of friends who you’ve never met, the best team members are ones that you have had some conversation with online. Networking is a relational business, so get relating!! Don’t forget you have a referral link on your Bukisa dashboard page. Mine is

Tip One: Put the Bukisa widget on your blog
Now this assumes you have a blog!! If you don’t then you really should invest the time. Not only can you write short teasers for your articles, but you can have one of the Bukisa widgets on your blog. See the example on my blog, Anyone reading the blog has the opportunity to click straight through to your network team.

Tip Two: Have your referral link in every article you write
Most of us write articles and blogs and it is the simplest thing in the world to add your referral link at the end of the article. Better still make it contextual and add it at an appropriate point in the article or blog. Most platforms allow hyperlinks like the one in the first paragraph of this article.

Tip Three: Introduce every “friend” to Bukisa
I am talking here about online friends. People who follow you on other writing sites like Triond. People who follow your blog. Introduce them to Bukisa with a welcome message that includes your link. Easy. Don’t forget blogging friends too.

Tip Four: Use social networking sites
The social networking arena is spreading like wildfire. Ten years ago there was no Facebook and no Twitter. Google was a baby and blogging was in its infancy. Now there are great opportunities to promote your team on these platforms. You need to regularly tweet your referral link on Twitter and have a team page on Facebook. These help build the size and impact of your network.

Tip Five: Use email for contact
Despite the introduction of messaging on Bukisa, I find that email is still a good way of communicating with your network. This can include tips and ideas together with keeping the buzz going. Encouragement helps the team but this also helps you. I am currently considering a one page ezine. Watch this space!!

That’s it – hope it helped. Let me know.
That referral once again


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