X-Ray Technician Schools In New Jersey That Offer Associate’s And Bachelor’s Degrees

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If you wish to pursue a career of an X-ray technician and you have decided to receive your education in New Jersey there are several schools which offer this possibility. However, there are many important facts you need to consider in choosing the appropriate school and program. The following article is aimed at providing relevant information on the topic and aiding people in the process of making a choice.

The top universities in New Jersey which have an X-ray technicianprogram are the following: Rutgers University-New Brunswick, MontclairState University, ThomasEdison State CollegeandBergen Community College.

The programs in Thomas Edison State College

Thomas Edison State College in New Journey has a bachelor’s and an associate’s degreein X-ray technology.  The associate’s degree program in medical imaging is available for people with radiography licensure. It is appropriate for licensed individuals who want to gain a diploma for professional purposes.  This two-year program is also the first step to the bachelor’s degree program. Courses in X-ray technology, medical imaging equipment, radiation physicsare included as well as medical imaging electives. Graduates will also have to complete some courses in algebra, anatomy and physiology.The bachelor’s degree at the university is designed for people who wish to obtain more detailed knowledge in X-ray technology and medical imaging. Students are provided with information about advanced radiography conceptsused for diagnostics.  There are courses in anatomy and physiology, radiation physics, radiographic positioning, imaging contrasts and media, radiation protection, radiation biology and radiologic exposure. Graduates are taught to protect their patients from excessive X-ray exposure.

The programs in BergenCommunity College

Bergen Community College is a two-year school where you can get an associate’s degree which can get you into a four-year school if you wish to obtain bachelor’s degree. The associate’s degree in radiography which is offered is a part of the Division of Health Professions.  This degree makes graduates eligible for radiologic techniciansand they can also receive a New Jersey State Temporary License in Diagnostic Imaging. The aim of the course is to provide knowledge on diagnostic techniques and imaging equipment. This program includes anatomy and physiology, radiography clinical statistics, principles of imaging equipment, image production and evaluation and radiographic pathologycourses. Graduates will have the required skills to read medical charts, work with X-ray machines and give expert opinions on radiographic images.

The program in Montclair State University givesits graduates a diploma for ‘Bachelor of Science Degree in Allied Health Services’. Rutgers University-New Brunswick’s Career Development Centeroffers the ‘Bachelor of Science in Allied Health Technologies’ and ‘Bachelor of Science in Allied Health Technologies Specialization in Diagnostic Medical Sonography’ degrees.

Most students who are interested in X-ray technology prefer to enroll in the two-year programs that are offered in all the above colleges. However, for the ones who wish to obtain more sophisticated details about the X-ray technician career the bachelor’s degree programs are more appropriate. If you hesitate in your choice you have the option of visiting your desired college and getting assistance in choosing the most appropriate degree for you.


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