Unethical Behavior

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At least one time in our lives we’ve gone against the grain, broke the rules, or questioned authority. What I feel is wrong may not be in someone else’s eyes, and what I do, others may think is offensive.

Here are 4 things that people are guilty of.

1. BYOS-Movie tickets have a going rate of $13.00 per ticket and that’s just for adults. Add a few kids and a spouse and before you know it, a day at the movies can reach over $40.00. Snacks at the concession stand can leave your pockets empty so what’s a way to save? Bring your own snacks. Some smuggle in candy and possibly a drink but some go a bit further and bring in an entire meal. Yep, a meal. Get a value meal, stuff it into your purse, and off you go. You can get dinner and a movie, or as I like to call it you can go to “Dinner Theater”.

2. Walking Buffet-I’m not sure if this offense is solely something a man would do, but I’ve not seen too many women do it. While grocery shopping, taking samples is pretty common, but I’m not talking about taking a sample from the lady at the sample stand, I’m talking about eating the produce, a doughnut, or a handful of candy that isn’t pre-wrapped. “Everybody Loves Raymond” is probably one of my favorite shows and anytime I see someone grab an unpaid snack at the grocery store, I think of an episode where Frank (which is Ray’s dad), gets caught sampling and when approached by the store worker he denies any wrong doing. Not that eating things that aren’t paid for isn’t wrong, but it was funny in the show.

3. Sticky Fingers-Whether at the car dealership, dental office, or a hair salon, magazines are often on display; a nice courtesy that were given to keep us occupied while we wait . The only problem is, just as the article we’re reading is getting interesting, it’s our turn to be seen. So what do you do? “Borrow” the magazine (long term) or leave it for the next patron to enjoy?

4. Hotel Items-Soft squishy pillows, warm after shower robes, and towels that have just enough fluff, are three items that hotels provide to make our stay a comfortable and memorable experience. However, some people want to enjoy those items after they check out. Yep, you guessed it, as they enter the elevator their suitcase seem a little fuller and they struggle a bit as the clerk says “thanks for staying with us and come back soon”.

When visiting a store, medical office, salon, etc., we should always be mindful of our behavior. What we do, both good or bad will impact the place of business.


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