My First Time…

So it finally happened… My first time. But what the first time I’m talking about? Ok, so I let you know, my first time I wrote an article, but there is more, my first article in English. I don’t have any idea what to write.

I found this site after looking for a while a method. A method which can let me earn some money for my studies. And this appeard on my screen. Making money by writing or sharing some videos? I couldn’t believe that. I have some bad expierience with sites like this one. I had to write some shortcuts of books or poems, but even if I had tried hard I wouldn’t got any money. After writing a couple of articles my sum raised to about 0,1$. It was useless to devote my time to such an uneffective thing. I left it and forget about easy money. But now it is back, dream of being, of having only enough cash to pay studies and to buy sometimes something to eat. Nothing more.

I was abroad this year. Scotland was my place of destination, but I dreamt about working in England. London would be the best, but life is brutal. I have no relatives or friends in the Queen’s country so I had to try in the land of sheep, woods, beautiful lakes and landscapes. It wasn’t easy. New country, new customs, different people (I don’t mean that they are different in the case of looking, but mentality, this is the thing our nations differ). My language skills are not so good, in my opinion they are even poor, but I didn’t have so many problems in understanding. Talking and having a conversation was a little worse, but I managed. A real disaster was a conversation with a Scotsman. Now when I think about it, it makes me laugh, but then it wasnt so funny.

I’d like to write more about my journey, about my expierience and so on, but I dont know if everyone is interested in it and if anyone could read it and understand as well. If you could, make a comment and I will know there is someone who is listening. More stories later, everyone of you have a nice time, bye

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