Montana Fishburne: A Career That Cost Her a Family.

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Montana Fishburne came out last month stating that she would be releasing a sex tape featuring her and professional porn star Brian Pumper.  The thing that made this a top news story is not that a celebrities daughter would be making a sex tape.  It was more on the fact that she stated Kim Kardashian was the reason behind her wanting to break into it, seeing how famous Kim became after her home made sex tape.

The only difference is that Montana never kept it a secret from the public that she was going to be in an amateur porn flick.  She actually brought it up to the media and told everyone.  Montana also previously starred in a pornographic film, but was unrecognized as she had dropped her famous last name in it and was going by her, now, porn star name “Chippy D.”

Weeks passed as fans and media awaited how this might affect celebrity Laurence Fishburne and until recently, we had no clue about his reaction towards it.

Turns out, he did what most respectable father figure would do, facing his own daughter becoming a porn star.  He disowned Montana and will not speak to her after hearing news of the video.

Aside from that, one thing “Chippy D” didn’t really attempt to do was break into mainstream media.  She, in fact, wanted to become a pornstar.  Perhaps for the fetish and voyeuorism of having other people watch her having intercourse.  Perhaps it was a daddy issue that led her into the porn business, to show (in some weird way) that she could make it on her own by taking her clothing off on camera.

I mean let’s face the facts: She’s the daughter of Laurence Fishburne.  This was not exactly an attempt to make money to live on.  It seems only a desperate plea to jump into mainstream media, even if she does state that she actually enjoys having sex on film.


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