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The community of writers is a large one. Many contributors would like to get together and get to know other contributors better. Why not take a seat on this article stool and take your turn and be heard.

Tell us if you please a little more about what has been going on in your life today. Have you just become a grandparent or have you just graduated from college? Would you like to share something good, sad, meaningful, and inspiring with your fellow writers?

All writers are passionate about what they do and think. Why not sit a spell in the article’s chair stool here on this article and tell us what’s on your mind today. Is your morning sunny and bright or gray and stormy?

Writers who decide to share a part of their day by leaving a comment about what’s happening in their world at the present moment will grow within their writing community.

Today I went to the park with my great niece and nephew. It was hard for me to enjoy myself totally because my dad’s cancer condition was on my mind. He’s in pain today and has made an appointment to see his doctor on Friday. Keep him in your prayers and thoughts. I just shared something painful and I feel a sense of relief.

Do you want to share something special or heartbreaking? Do you need a shoulder to cry on? Did you just find out you won some money in the lottery? Did you get to talk to your grandchild on the phone and hear their first words ever spoken?

This article is all about sharing about a little part of our lives together. I’ve heard that when painful things happen; sharing it with a friend can make the pain better, or joy feel more joyful. The writing arena is full of exceptional talent. These same exceptional talented writers have the same amount of passion that they use to write with in their loving spirits. Great writers have great hearts ready and willing to lead a hand to guide and an ear that is always ready to listen.

Did you have a great day or did something bring your spirit down  Do you want to share a part of your life with other writers on this site? It’s your turn to talk. Do you need a prayer or a kind thought spoken? Do you need a hand to guide you through the sad darken days through divorce?

Are you a writer from Triond, Bukisa, Associated Content, Xomba, Helium, Wikinut, Factoidz, Examiner, Demand Studio or Infobarrel?  These are all great sites where many writers call their home away from home. These are the only sites I’m familiar with. Many more great sites are out there and many more friends are waiting to hear from their great friends and share a little time.

Now, sit and tell us all about it. The stool is empty and waiting.

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